Inverted color image of a scientific illustration of plant parts.

Seed Book

Rethinking plants

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Deadline for abstracts: 1 December 2022. See the detailed call here.

Supported by the SeedBox Collaboratory and the Australian Research Council, The Herbarium Tales Seedbook will be published by Open Humanities Press.

Climate change has affected herbaria around the world due to damage to biodiversity, habitats, evolution, seed survival and bushfire tolerance. It has also changed the way humans approach and relate with plants. This has resulted in both bad and good outcomes. Problems include poaching, over-consumption, biosecurity and other instrumentalist relations. But these issues are countered by exciting developments in genetic science, seed care and restoration. The Herbarium Tales Seedbook will present critical new perspectives on how plant science and plant information affects all of us.

Key scholars from Critical Plant Studies (also known as plant humanities) address provocations regarding plants such as colonisation, decolonisation, future pharmaceuticals, biosecurity, Indigenous knowledge, genetic knowledge, fast evolution, naming issues, plant aesthetics and the history of nature philosophy. We welcome a diversity of discussions that connect people with plants and place, to create new plant-human relationships and clearer vegetal futures.